Information for Completing the Steel Import License Form

Shipper and Shipment Information
1. Applicant Company: Name of company responsible for shipment. Automatically generated using company name on file.
2. Customs Entry Number: Input if known at time of application. This number is optional.
3. License Number: Automatically generated upon successful submission of application.
4. Contact Name: Name of applicant. (Input from user profile; but can be changed at time of filing for license)
5. Address of Applicant: Applicant's business address. Must be a US street address; a PO Box address is not acceptable.
(Input from user profile; but can be changed at time of filing for license)
6. Contact Phone: Applicant's phone number. (Input from user profile; but can be changed at time of filing for license)
7. Contact Fax: Applicant's fax number. (Input from user profile; but can be changed at time of filing for license)
8. Contact Email: Applicant's email address.
9. Importer Name: Name of Importer of record.
10. Exporter Name: Name of Exporter.
11. Manufacturer Name: Name of manufacturer(s) of the product(s) or shipper(s).
May list multiple manufacturers or unknown.
12. Country of Origin: Country in which the product(s) were manufactured.
13. Country of Exportation: Country product(s) exported from.
14. Expected Port of Entry: Expected port of entry. Select from list.
15. Expected Date of Export: Date product(s) expected to be shipped from country named in 13.
Must be in mm/dd/yyyy format (ex:01/01/2003).
16. Date of Importation: Date product(s) expected to enter the United States. Must be in mm/dd/yyyy format.
The date should be as accurate as possible.
17. Date License Valid From: License will be valid for seventy-five days from the date of application.
This date is automatically generated.
18. Date license Valid Through: Date License will expire. Date is automatically generated.
19 Date of Application: Date application for the license was made. License could be filed up to sixty days prior to the expected date of importation, and until the date of filing of the Customs Entry Summary documentation (CF-7501). Date is automatically generated.

Product Information for Products One through Ten *
HTS Number: Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) number that most closely describes the first product to be imported.
- It should match the HTS used on the CF7501.
Original HTS Number: If HTS Number in field 20 is from Chapter 99 of the HTS book, select the original HTS number from the list.
Product Description: Description of the product taken from the HTS book. Description is automatically generated.
Remedy Category: Category assigned to the product based on the Product HTS. Automatically generated.
Volume (Quantity): The weight of the product at time of entry ( net weight ).
Unit: The unit of measurement. Automatically generated based on HTS number selected (usually kilograms).
Value (U.S.$): Entered value of this product in U.S. dollars; not invoiced value.
(It should not include duty, brokerage fees, or freight)
Unit Value ($/mt): Unit value. Automatically generated.

* Information is required for Product One if only one product is shipped. Fill out product boxes two through ten, as necessary.
* If you receive an error message pertaining to your average unit value, please simply check to see that you entered your value and volume data correctly. Then click OK to continue.