U.S. Imports of Steel Mill Products
HTS Code 720928
Quantities in Metric Tons
Product groups covered by HTS Code 720928
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  APR19 MAY19 JUN19
Country Tons AUV
Tons AUV
Tons AUV
WORLD 0.0 186153.85 0.0 $2,123.33 6.4 $3,510.62
GERMANY 0.0 186153.85 . . 6.4 $3,510.62
CANADA . . 0.0 $2,123.33 . .

SOURCE: U.S. Department of Commerce, Enforcement and Compliance
Table last modified on: July 16, 2019, with
Licensing data collected through July 16, 2019
Data listed in order of descending volume imported during the reported period
Data extracted from the import licenses are not official Census data
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