last update: August 24, 2018

A N T I D U M P I N G   A N D   C O U N T E R V A I L I N G   D U T Y   C A S E   I N F O R M A T I O N

AD/CVD Investigations (Federal Register History) (01/01/1980 - 12/31/1999)   (01/01/2000 - Current)  

Historical Information (Orders Revoked Before 1980) AD:   1921 to 1980 CVD:   1987 to 1980

5 Year Sunset Reviews (Completed) Revocations Continuations

AD/CVD Orders In Effect     (USITC Website) Trade Agreements Administered by Enforcement & Compliance
  These two tables, although incomplete, include all data available for cases revoked prior to 1980.        

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