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  S o f t w o o d   L u m b e r   A c t   o f   2 0 0 8

      On June 18, 2008, Section 809(b) of Title VIII of the Tariff Act of 1930 (the Softwood Lumber Act of 2008) was enacted into law. Under this provision, the Secretary of Commerce is mandated to submit to the appropriate congressional committees a report every 180 days on any subsidies provided by countries exporting softwood lumber or softwood lumber products to the United States, including stumpage subsidies. Below is a link to the latest report issued pursuant to this requirement.

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    R e l a t e d   D o c u m e n t s
Requests for Comments Comments Received/Date Semiannual Softwood Lumber Subsidies Reports
84 FR 23767, 05/23/2019 No comments received Softwood Lumber Subsidies Report   (07/01/2019)
83 FR 53032, 10/19/2018 the Conseil de l’industrie forestière du Québec (“CFIQ”) (11/16/2018) Softwood Lumber Subsidies Report   (12/20/2018)

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