updated: September 6, 2017

A n t i d u m p i n g   Q u e s t i o n n a i r e s

  M a r k e t   E c o n o m y   Q u e s t i o n n a i r e s
  I n v e s t i g a t i o n s A d m i n i s t r a t i v e   R e v i e w s
  C o m p l e t e   Q u e s t i o n n a i r e PDF DOC PDF DOC
  S e c t i o n   D   -   H i g h  I n f l a t i o n PDF DOC PDF DOC
  A p p e n d i x   V I I PDF XLS PDF XLS

  N o n - M a r k e t   E c o n o m y   Q u e s t i o n n a i r e s  
  Investigations Administrative Reviews New Shipper Reviews
  Complete   Questionnaire PDF DOC PDF DOC PDF DOC
  Quantity & Value Questionnaire PDF DOC PDF DOC    

    Supplemental Cover Letters 1 PDF DOC
    Appendix VI 1 Factors of Production, Market-Economy Purchases, By-Product
or Co-Product Offsets, and Surrogate Values Spreadsheets
    Appendix VII 1 Affiliation Structure Chart PDF  
    Appendix IX 1 Example of Sigma Freight Application for Multiple Suppliers
of the Same Input
    Appendix X Separate Rate Application Withdrawal (LTFV Investigations only) PDF DOC
  1 These are common to all 3 types of NME proceedings.    

PDF = Portable Document Format
DOC = MSWord Document
XLS = Excel Spreadsheet
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