Enforcement and Compliance Policy Bulletins
  updated: June 21, 2011

Enforcement and Compliance Policy Bulletins

Bulletin No. Topic Date of Issue
10.3 Factor of Production Reporting Requirements for Non-Market Economy Companies with Multiple Facilities and/or Production Processes/Lines 11/26/2010
10.2 Inclusion of International Freight Costs When Import Prices Constitute Normal Value 11/01/2010
10.1 Specificity of Subsidies Provided to State-owned Enterprises   11/08/2010

05.2 Time Frame for Decisions on Whether to Initiate Automatically Sales Below Cost Investigations in Administrative Reviews 11/04/2005
05.1 Separate Rates and Combination Rates in Antidumping Investigations involving Non-Market Economy Countries 04/15/2005
04.1 Non-Market Economy Surrogate Country Selection Process 03/01/2004
03.3 Application of the interest provisions in section 778(a) of the Tariff Act to entries made pursuant to a subsequently rescinded new shipper bonding privilege 08/26/2003
03.2 Combination Rates in New Shipper Reviews 03/04/2003
03.1 Market or Non-Market Economy Country Designation 02/28/2003
Issuance of Ex-Parte Memoranda 02/13/2001
00.1 Expediting Antidumping Duty Investigations 06/08/2000
98.4 Timing of Issuance of Critical Circumstances Determinations 10/07/1998
98.3 Conduct of Five-year ("Sunset") Reviews of Antidumping and Countervailing Duty Orders 04/16/1998
98.2 Imputed Credit Expenses and Interest Rates 02/23/1998
98.1 Basis for Normal Value When Foreign Market Sales are Below Cost 02/23/1998
97.1 Calculation of Profit for Constructed Export Price Transactions 09/04/1997
96.1 Enforcement and Compliance Exchange Rate Methodology 03/04/1996
94.6 Treatment of Adjustments and Selling Expenses in Calculating the Cost of Production ("COP") and Constructed Value ("CV") 03/25/1994
94.5 Differences in Merchandise Calculations in Hyperinflationary Economies 03/25/1994
94.4 Treatment of Related Party Transactions for the Cost of Production and Constructed Value Calculations 03/25/1994
94.3 Disregarding Sales Below Cost - Extended Period of Time 03/25/1994
94.2 Treatment of Inventory Carrying Cost in Constructed Value 03/25/1994
94.1 Cost of Production - Standards for Initiation of Inquiry 03/25/1994
93.1 All Others Rate, Application 09/01/1993
92.4 The Use of Constructed Value in COP Cases 12/15/1992
92.3 The 10/90/10 Test for Sales Below the Cost of Production 12/15/1992
92.2 Differences in Merchandise; 20% Rule 07/29/1992
92.1 Matching at Levels of Trade 09/29/1992
91.2 Constructed Value, Source of Cost of Manufacture 07/18/1991

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