last update: August 2, 2021

Non-Market Economy (NME) Separate Rate Applications and Certifications

  People's Republic of China

          Separate Rate Application   (PDF 30pp 175Kb)    

          Separate Rate Certification   (PDF 15pp 107Kb)    

  Socialist Republic of Vietnam

          Separate Rate Application   (PDF 30pp 174Kb)    

          Separate Rate Certification   (PDF 15pp 107Kb)    


          Separate Rate Application   (PDF 27pp 164Kb)    


          Separate Rate Application   (PDF 28pp 165Kb)    

  Urea Ammonium Nitrate Solutions from the Russian

          Separate Rate Application   (PDF 30pp 341Kb)    

Firms that do not currently hold a separate rate may not use the Separate Rate Certification, and must instead submit a Separate Rate Application to apply for separate rate status.

Parties submitting an Application or Certification should take careful note of the differing submission deadlines, dependent upon the document and/or the proceeding.

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