March 20, 2020

UPDATE: FTZ Board Grantee Training on May 19 now via WEBINAR

The FTZ Board’s training session for grantees originally planned for Minneapolis, Minnesota in May will instead be conducted via webinar. The webinar will be on Tuesday, May 19 at 1:00 pm EDT. This webinar will cover a range of topics including grantee responsibilities and best practices, as well as topics raised by the participating grantees.

Grantees that had registered for the training session will automatically be included on the registration list for the webinar. Any other grantees may register for the webinar by emailing Each registration email should include the individual's name and title and the grantee organization/public agency of which the registrant is an official.

As always, do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

Andrew McGilvray
Executive Secretary/Staff Director, U.S. Foreign-Trade Zones Board

Enforcement and Compliance
U.S. Department of Commerce | International Trade Administration

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