Guidance on Zone Schedule Contents

In the current FTZ Board regulations, the requirements for a grantee's zone schedule requirements were revised to remove anything that we did not believe was essential. Grantees should not feel that they need to include anything beyond the short list of items listed in section 400.44(b) of our regulations, namely:

Each zone schedule shall include:

  1. A title page, which shall include the name of the zone grantee and the date of the current schedule;
  2. A table of contents;
  3. Internal rules/regulations and policies for the zone;
  4. All rates or charges assessed by or on behalf of the grantee;
  5. Information regarding any operator which has an agreement with the grantee to offer services to the public, including the operator's rates or charges for all zone-specific services offered; and
  6. An appendix with definitions of any FTZ-related terms used in the zone schedule (as needed).

To assist grantees in preparing their zone schedule, below is a sample table of contents:

Sample Zone Schedule Table of Contents

It should be noted that the pre-2012 regulations did require substantially more information in the grantee's zone schedule. As such, there may be information in a grantee's zone schedule that was required in the past but is no longer required. A grantee should not hesitate to remove information from their zone schedule if it is no longer required.

Note: A grantee is required to submit its zone schedule to the Executive Secretary of the FTZ Board at the time the zone schedule is created, and any time it is amended (including if any changes are made to meet the February 28, 2014 compliance date in the current regulations).

Any questions on the zone schedule should be directed to your FTZ Staff regional representative.