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Production Notification Format:

Production Notification

Production Notification Process Summary

The ABCs of Production in FTZs

  • At the time that you submit a production notification, you must also provide a copy to the CBP port that will be overseeing the activity.

  • All notifications/applications (and related communications) to the FTZ Board should come from - or be copied (CC'd) to - the zone's grantee. The FTZ Staff is unable to review such application-related documents unless the grantee has been included in the communication.

  • If you are requesting an expansion of an existing scope of authority (new foreign-status components or finished products) you should only list the proposed new finished products and/or foreign-status components in the production notification.

  • Submission: Submit the application by email to: ftz@trade.gov (Adobe PDF format preferred; you may use MS Word format if you are unable to submit PDF). The application must include color maps and scans of all signed letters.

  • Notifications and applications should be addressed to: Andrew McGilvray, Executive Secretary, Foreign-Trade Zones Board, U.S. Department of Commerce, 1401 Constitution Ave., NW, Room 21013, Washington, DC 20230

Production Application Format:

Production Application

Application Process Summary

  • Production applications require that a pre-docketing copy of the application be submitted. This copy should be sent to our dedicated e-mail address: ftz@trade.gov.

  • Applicants are allowed to use estimates, ranges, categories, etc. in providing specific plant or FTZ savings information so that information so that information is presented in non-proprietary form (applications are available to the public).

  • An objective of the zone program is to encourage commercial and industrial operations in the United States that would otherwise have been conducted abroad for Customs reasons, including export activity. Zones should help create employment, not simply divert it from one region of the country to another.

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