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Antidumping Methodologies in Proceedings Involving Certain Non-Market Economies
Market-Oriented Enterprise

Public Comments Received December 10, 2007   Request for Public Comment (72 FR 60649, Oct 25, 2007)
  American Apparel & Footwear Association   (PDF 4pp 129 Kb)
  American Furniture Manufacturers Committee for Legal Trade et al.   (PDF 11pp 397 Kb)
  Ames True Temper   (PDF 16pp 9,714 Kb)
  Beijing Huanzhong & Partners   (PDF 5pp 2,720 Kb)
  Bureau of Fair Trade for Imports and Exports of the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China   (PDF 23pp 2,084 Kb)
  Representative Jo Bonner, United States Congress   (PDF 1pp 83 Kb)   added 12-20-2007
  Cascade Steel   (PDF 24pp 981 Kb)
  China Chamber of Commerce for I/E of Light Industrial Products & Arts-Crafts   (PDF 5pp 228 Kb)
  China Chamber of Commerce of Metals, Minerals, Chemical Importers & Exporters   (PDF 3pp 222 Kb)
  China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Machinery & Electronic Products   (PDF 5pp 538 Kb)
  China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Textiles   (PDF 3pp 120 Kb)
  Chutex Group   (PDF 13pp 579 Kb)
  Commercial Metals Company   (PDF 24pp 761 Kb)
  Committee to Support U.S. Trade Laws   (PDF 19pp 76 Kb)
  First Continental International (NJ)   (PDF 1pp 65 Kb)
  Gerdau Ameristeel   (PDF 24pp 766 Kb)
  Industry Trade Advisory Committee for Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, and Health/Science Products and Services   (PDF 2pp 170 Kb)  
  ICL Performance Products, LP and Innophos, Inc   (PDF 10pp 88 Kb)
  J.C. Penney   (PDF 12pp 371 Kb)
  Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry et al   (PDF 9pp 230 Kb)
  Norcom   (PDF 16pp 630 Kb)
  Nucor Corporation   (PDF 424pp 19,588 Kb)
  Occidental Chemical Corporation and Clearon Corporation   (PDF 9pp 351 Kb)
  Stewart & Stewart   (PDF 35pp 1,228 Kb)
  TAMCO Steel   (PDF 24pp 970 Kb)
  Textile Council of Hong Kong   (PDF 10pp 477 Kb)
  Top Flight   (PDF 16pp 610 Kb)
  United States Association of Importers of textiles and Apparel   (PDF 9pp 399 Kb)
  United States Steel Corporation   (PDF 24pp 1,186 Kb)

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