last update: July 31, 2014
Differential Pricing Analysis

Request for Comments
(79 FR 26720, May 9, 2014)

  Comments Received on June 19, 2014  
  Prof. Gastwirth, Modarres and Pan of the Department of Statistics, GWU   PDF 6pp 135Kb

  Comments Received on June 23, 2014  
  Japan Machinery Center for Trade and Investment (JMC)   PDF 12pp 620Kb
  The Government of the Republic of Korea   PDF 6pp 980Kb
  Korea Electronics Association   PDF 28pp 87Kb
  LG Electronics   PDF 55pp 175Kb
  Canada   PDF 3pp 14Kb
  Nucor   PDF 10pp 356Kb
  CSUSTL   PDF 13pp 496Kb
  Seafood Exporters Association of India   PDF 48pp 1995Kb
  Vietnam Association of Shrimp Exporters and Producers   PDF 71pp 1667Kb
  Cassidy Levy Kent (USA) LLP   PDF 3pp 50Kb
  Jeffrey M. Winton PLLC   PDF 92pp 501Kb
  United States Steel Corporation   PDF 12pp 547Kb
  International Trade Practices Unit - Mexico   PDF 5pp 95Kb
  Stewart and Stewart   PDF 16pp 588Kb

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