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    Request for Comment (73 FR 26364, May 9, 2008)
Extension of Comment Period   (PDF 3pp 23Kb)

Antidumping Methodologies for Proceedings that Involve Significant Cost Changes Throughout the Period
of Investigation (POI)/Period of Review (POR) that May Require Using Shorter Cost Averaging Periods

Public Comments Received June 23, 2008

  Government of Thailand   (PDF 4pp 451Kb)
  Habas   (PDF 7pp 143Kb)
  Hogan and Hartson   (PDF 24pp 1,991Kb)
  Nucor Corporation   (PDF 15pp 674Kb)
  Stewart & Stewart   (PDF 2pp 30Kb)
  United States Steel Corporation (U.S. Steel)   (PDF 9pp 1,900Kb)

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