last update: October 01, 2010
Petroleum Wax Candles from the People's Republic of China
Comments on the Scope of the Antidumping Duty Order

Request for Public Comment (75 FR 49475, August 13, 2010)

  Rebuttal Comments Received on September 30, 2010  
  HSE USA Inc.   PDF 23pp 732Kb
  National Candle Association   PDF 10pp 1,647Kb
  Trade Associated Group, Ltd.   PDF 11pp 236Kb

  Comments Received on September 20, 2010  
  Candym Enterprises, Ltd.   PDF 2pp 102Kb
  National Candle Association   PDF 59pp 5,629Kb
  Trade Associated Group, Ltd.   PDF 7pp 136Kb
  Universal Candle Company Ltd.   PDF 5pp 145Kb

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