Documents unavailable in full-text format for the years 1986 - 1990.

Commerce Department scope rulings made before 1991 for anti-dumping order A-570-504 are currently unavailable in full-text format. The document "Final Results of Expedited Sunset Review: Petroleum Wax Candles from the People's Republic of China" Federal Register: June 17, 1999 (Volume 64, Number 116) lists these decisions and all others made for the order before that date. Where possible, each scope ruling on this site is linked to the relevant Federal Register notice. However, these documents are only available on-line from the Government Printing Office for the years 1994 and later (and are not indexed to allow direct hyperlinks until 1995). Consequently, full-text rulings from the years 1991-1993 link to the 1999 sunset review notice (above), and decisions published in 1994 link to the GPO database search page. Instructions for querying the 1994 GPO database appear next to the appropriate hyperlinks.