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The tools on this page were created to reduce the barriers to the use of FTZ procedures. If you have any questions please contact the FTZ staff at (202) 482-2862.

The ABCs of Production in FTZs:   Answers to basic questions on FTZ production and the application process.

Evaluate Your Potential FTZ Duty Savings using the (Updated Duty Savings Estimator Worksheet for FTZ Production).

    This worksheet can help you easily gauge potential FTZ duty savings.
      - Enter the requested information and the worksheet will automatically calculate estimated FTZ duty savings.
      - Use additional copies of the worksheet for additional inputs or finished product-input combinations.

Definition of "Production":

"Activity involving the substantial transformation of a foreign article resulting in a new and different article having a different name, character, and use, or activity involving a change in the condition of the article which results in a change in the customs classification of the article or in its eligibility for entry for consumption (15 CFR 400.2(o))."

For most companies, this means that if the HTSUS number of any foreign status component changes, production authority is needed.

FTZ Production: Scope of Authority and Monitoring Visits

H o w   t o   R e q u e s t   P r o d u c t i o n   A u t h o r i t y:
  • The first step is to submit a "Production Notification".
  • The production notification includes a list of your foreign status components and finished products.
  • A 40-day public comment period will be opened
  • The standard timeframe for the FTZ Board to make a decision on a production notification is 120 days from submission.
  • If the FTZ Board determines not to authorize certain activity at the end of the notification process, the applicant may choose to use the more extensive “application” process for production authority.

The table below contains request formats, as well as links to pages which provide additional information:.
Request Application Format Samples For Additional Information
Production Notification: FTZ Production Notification   Production Notifications and Applications Page
Production Application: FTZ Production Application Sample Manufacturing Application Production Notifications and Applications Page

You'll find more general information about applications on our Applications Page.

FTZ Manufacturing Database (view/search prior FTZ Board authorizations)

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