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    Frequently Asked Questions
    FTZ Glossary
    Background Information

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    Administrative Actions and Court Cases
    Letters from the Executive Secretary to Zone Grantees
    Lapse Provision

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    Application Page
    State Enabling Legislation
    Adjacency Requirements
    Application Process Summary
    What to do while an application is being reviewed

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    Application Page
    Production Notifications and Applications
    Reorganizations/Expansions under the ASF
    Reorganizations/Expansions - Traditional
    ASF Minor Boundary Modification
    Traditional Minor Boundary Modification
    New Zones
    Reissuance of Grants of Authority

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    Foreign-Trade Zones by State (with contact information)
    FTZ Production Approvals by Industry
    Lapsed and Terminated General-Purpose Zones
    Lapsed Subzones
    FTZ Board Order Summary - 1935 to Present

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    Annual Report Guidelines
    Grantee Information Page
    Oil Refinery Information Page
    Customs and Border Protection Information
    Information on the Lapse Provision
    List of Board Orders by Zone:
      (1-50)   (51-100)   (101-150)   (151-200)   (201 and higher)   (General Orders)

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  The ABCs of FTZs: Answers to Basic Questions
  Simplified Savings Estimator for FTZ Production
  Production Notifications and Applications Page
  FTZ Manufacturing Database

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