Video: Fundamentals of Using a Foreign-Trade Zone

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Frequently Asked Questions

  What is a foreign-trade zone?
  What is the ASF?
  What are the types of zone sites?
  Who is on the Foreign-Trade Zones Board?
  What are the benefits to a zone user?
  What are the public benefits?
  How is CBP involved?
  Are zones outside the US?
  What activity is permitted in zones?
  What products can be placed in a zone?
  Where can a zone be located?
  How do I know if a zone is right for my community/company?
  What type of authority can I apply for?
  Who can apply?
  What is the application process?
  What is the process to obtain production authority?
  Is there a fee to apply?
  What happens after a zone is approved?
  What happens if a zone is approved but never activated?
  How many zones exist now?
  Where are zones currently located?
  What are the primary products/industries using zones?
  How do I get more information?

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  Background Information on the FTZ Program   FTZ Brochure

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