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New FTZs, Expansions of Existing FTZs, Boundary Modifications, Subzones   Click here to find your Regional Staff Contact
FTZ Production   Juanita Chen   202-482-1378
  Diane Finver   202-482-1367
  Chris Wedderburn   202-482-1963
  Liz Whiteman   202-482-0473
Petroleum Refining in FTZs   Diane Finver   202-482-1367
  Liz Whiteman   202-482-0473
Annual Reports from FTZs   Liz Whiteman   202-482-0473
Copies of FTZ Applications   Marsha Foust   202-482-5832
Issues/Questions on our Website   Liz Whiteman   202-482-0473

  main (202) 482-2862
  fax (202) 482-0002

For general importing questions, please contact U.S. Customs and Border Protection at 877-CBP-5511

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