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To prepare any request to the FTZ Board, use the formats provided on this web site.

Note that if you are a company that wishes to conduct production activity under FTZ procedures, you will need both FTZ designation of your facility (generally subzone or usage-driven site) as well as production authority. Please see the FTZ Production Center for more information on what constitutes “production”.

Overview of Procedures to Establish or Modify FTZ Sites

All requests (and related communications) to the FTZ Board should come from - or be copied (CC'd) to - the zone's grantee. The FTZ Staff is unable to review such documents unless the grantee has been included in the communication.

Application documents (including the pre-docketing copy, if required) should be submitted to : ftz@trade.gov

Click on the link in blue below for more information on each type of request:

To have a new area designated for a company within an ASF service area or to expand an existing ASF subzone/usage-driven site:
  ASF Minor Boundary Modification (Subzones/Usage-Driven Sites)

To have an area designated for a company outside of an ASF service area or to expand an existing non-ASF subzone:
  Subzones (non-ASF)

To apply for new or expanded production authority within a site/subzone:
  Production Notifications and Applications

To reorganize a zone under the ASF (or expand an existing service area):
  Reorganizations of FTZs under the Alternative Site Framework (ASF)

To make a minor modification to a zone site or subzone (non-ASF) by swapping acreage:
  Minor Boundary Modifications (non-ASF)

To expand or reorganize a zone (non-ASF):
  Reorganizations/Expansions of Existing FTZs (non-ASF)

To request a waiver under 15 CFR 400.43(f):
  Waiver request under the uniform treatment provision of the FTZ Regulations

Other Information:

Guidance on Providing Local Public Notice

Application Processing Time
Application Process Summary
Adjacency Requirements
Lapse Provision

Reference List: State Enabling Legislation
What to do while an application is being reviewed

To apply for a new zone (grantee):
  New Zones

To apply for a reissuance of the grant of authority for a zone:
  Reissuance of a Grant of Authority

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